Welcome to JetPAG

JetPAG is a recursive-descent parser and lexical analyzer generator. It is easy to use. The syntax is simple and should be familiar for most users. It generates optimized and efficient recognizers. Compiling generated programs and integrating them into larger projects is easy and simple. Offered features and facilities are extensive and match most needs for parsing and lexical analysis.

Start using JetPAG. Download JetPAG now, take 10 minutes to read the Getting Started tutorial, and let JetPAG generate your first parser.

JetPAG is very flexible, it is as simple and easy to use as it is powerfull and suitable for advanced tasks. If you are interested in discovering the advanced features of JetPAG, take your time reading the comprehensive documentation.

You are welcome to support JetPAG's development. If you have any suggestions or want to report bugs, visit the feedback section.

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