In this section, JetPAG and relevant concepts are explained in detail. If you are using JetPAG for the first time, you may consider reading the short Getting Started tutorial first.

JetPAG is a parser and lexical analyzer generator. It generates Recursive-Descent (or Top-Down) recognizers with multi-token lookahead. In short this means that parsers generated by JetPAG scan input stream left-to-right, and predict what to do next before taking actions.

JetPAG started as a small personal project by Sharafy Tareq H., but since has expanded a lot. Now JetPAG is a full-featured optimizing parser and lexical analyzer generator capable of doing many tasks. JetPAG is aimed to be as simple and easy to use as it is suitable for advanced tasks and complex grammars requiring a strong and felxible analysis. JetPAG is meant to be cross-platform - the redistributed source should build on any platform.

JetPAG is a command-line tool. To know more about JetPAG's command line syntax, read the Command Line sub-section.